Transdermal Medicinal Infusions

Transdermal Medicinal Infusions

These wild crafted herbs were once reserved for the emperors of China and the Llamas of Tibet. The same quality herbs for the imperial family are now soothing the aches and pains of people all over the world. Through our special connections to this region, All Ages Acupuncture is able to provide Transdermal Medicinal Infusions to our patients.

The Tibetan people have been bio engineering botanical blends with herbal strategies from India, China and throughout the Himalayas. Our Tibetan and Chinese herbs are from the Guangsha and Sichuan region, one of the most Pristine environments on earth. It’s high altitude and unique geography give the botanicals from this region special advantages. There are eight herbs in each foot soak, as well as a number of special minerals.

Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine of Maryland offers Transdermal Medicinal Infusions for the following concerns:

  • Infusions for Neuropathy
  • Infusions for Weight loss
  • Infusions for Women’s Health
  • Infusions for Men’s Health
  • Infusions for Chronic Pain
  • Infusions for Acute Injuries

“We went to the herb growing regions, paid respect to the local culture, met the local chief and Lamas, obtained the support of the local governments, went through the quality tests and finally got the best to you.”

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