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Thank you for this acupuncture testimonial! May others find pain relief because you shared your story. #patienttestimonial #happy #severepain #painfree #acupuncture #aimmaryland #miracle #fyp #everywednesday #goodluck

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In this video, meet Amanda, who is pain free, and loves Aim Maryland!

Experienced & Professional “I first came to Kristin with mild to severe headaches which would be behind the eyes and in the middle of the head.  The headaches would be caused by a mixture of stress and my work environment which is in front of a computer for 8+ Hours a day.  I would get the headaches on a daily basis prior to any treatment by Kristin.  Upon my first appointment with Kristin, she explained the treatment and what is to be expected from acupuncture and other ACM practices.  The first treatment was very effective and slowly began to bring my body in sync, as the treatments progressed the headaches would be less frequent.  I am very happy to report that I no longer experience the headaches on a daily or weekly basis, this is such a relief and is directly attributed to the acupuncture treatment.  I would refer anyone to Kristin as she is experienced, professional and knows how to explain the methodology of the treatment and outline expectations to the patient.” -Computer Guy

Gentle, thoughtful acupuncture care “After a fall leading to herniated bulging disks at C5/C6, Kristin came to my rescue. Twice within the past week she has helped me manage pretty severe pain and discomfort and I attribute her gentle, thoughtful acupuncture care to the progress I have been able to make in the healing process. I look forward to seeing her ongoingly for non-acute support of my overall health and well-being.”  -Climate Researcher

Great Acupuncturist “Kristin takes the time to listen to me and builds a plan that addresses the root of the issue(s). I have requested services for two main issues: one during pregnancy and one post pregnancy. Both times, Kristin has been able to help me.”

“Feeling Amazing after seeing Kristin last night! Woke up with minimal shoulder pain (which is huge considering I tore my labrum) and my headache which was creeping back is GONE! I have had daily headaches for 16+ years and over the last few weeks I have had a lot of headache free time! Never was able to get this kind of relief with medication!” 

 Wonderful acupuncturist and healer “Kristin Huza is a wonderful acupuncturist to work with. She listens carefully and has a healing presence. She is very knowledgeable and really cares about her patients. I have been seeing her for several months and have experienced a dramatic improvement in my well-being. When I had a painful injury, she saw me that day and I got so much relief even I was surprised. I highly recommend her.”

Rainbow Baby I think a part of me was guarding my heart, out of that fear and pain from my previous losses. I am so thankful for this rainbow baby, and so thankful for you, helping me through with acupuncture.
Could not be happier! ” I toyed with the idea of acupuncture for years and a friend recommended Ms. Huza. I went with a variety of pains from getting older. We talked for a while, then Ms. Huza explained the various treatments we could pursue. Once we agree on one, we begun immediately. My mood has improved exponentially and the minor injuries that plagued me for years are a dim memory. I highly recommend Ms. Huza!”



Neuropathy was keeping him from living his best life on the #golf course with his wife. After a course of acupuncture, he has more #rangeofmotion and he is #livinghisbestlife #forhiswife #formyvalentine #aimmaryland #neuropathy #columbiamd #pain #golfgains #fyp #tobysdinnertheatre #turfvalley

♬ original sound – HuzaDoc
In this video, you see that Bill loves his wife, family, golf, & acupuncture at Aim Maryland.

Testimonial from Facebook:



🙋🏼 okay so guys, you are looking at the biggest skeptic in the world…

I have trouble believing things until I see or experience it, especially if it falls beyond the realm of “traditional” medicine.

I have been doing acupuncture for several months now and I am hooked!! 🌟

It wasn’t until I started acupuncture that I was able to come off of my TPN (IV food essentially) and had my stomach pain and GI issues 💩 mostly resolved after months of being horrifically ill.

We have recently been working on my migraines and energy… let me just say, it is incredible. 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Have had a terrible migraine for 2 days now and my acupuncturist Kristin Huza was able to fit me in this afternoon for a treatment. 💕

I went in with a migraine of 7/10 with aura, sensitivity to light and sound and immense nausea. 🤢

After spending nearly 2 hours with me (most amazing, caring, and thoughtful woman I have ever met) I was nearly headache free.

If you don’t know my story, I have had migraines for a little over 17 years. My headaches (which are always there to some degree) are caused by a strain of Epstein Bar virus that went dormant in my body and has caused me many issues over the years.

The only times I have been headache free have been for 48 hours or less and usually when I am getting infused via IV with some heavy duty and dangerous drugs (magnesium, phenergan, and lidocaine). 😳

As I drove home from my treatment today, I felt my migraine navigating from the back of my head toward the eyes. By the time I pulled in my driveway, my headache is at a 1/10. 🎉

If you ever have had an inkling to try acupuncture for any ailment… I would say to you– try it!! It has changed my life and may have me headache free… 🤞🏻

I am so full of happiness and gratefulness for the care I am receiving and the results I am seeing in my body and spirit. 💕

Had to share!! I am going to listen to my body, rest tonight and hopefully be feeling amazing tomorrow and be back to work. I want to be able to give 💯percent to my patients!” -Super Nurse

Super Nurse posted this 6 months later

“I just have to brag on Kristin Huza for a second! 💕

I have never experienced care quite like Kristin provides it. I have been seeing Kristin regularly (weekly) for about a year now.

I have overcome some major health problems in large part to acupuncture! The part of me that was once a skeptic is a through-and-through believer now. 🙌🏻

I text messaged Kristin yesterday in a panic due to a severe migraine that I had. Kristin was not seeing clients yesterday but came in to her office to see me anyway.

Kristin spent an hour and a half with me, listened to all my concerns and went through a series of points which greatly relieved my pain. 🌟

When I got home last night, I felt clearer, less pressure/pain in my temples and eyes…

PLUS- I felt more relaxed and my anxiety had eased.

I am happy to report that as of this morning my migraine is completely gone!

🎉 shout it from the rooftops!

I am so blessed to have Kristin in my life as someone who helps me, but also as an amazing person to be around. Her energy and positivity are contagious!” -Super Nurse

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